Surviving Holiday Eating With Simple Thanksgiving Recipes

Simple Thanksgiving Recipes

The key to surviving over indulgence is to use simple Thanksgiving recipes as well as modifying your workout. Let’s tackle the food issue first. When menu planning for the holiday you need to think about choosing a Thanksgiving food recipe that is low in saturated fats and in sugar. The dishes that make up a traditional Thanksgiving meal in itself are actually very healthy. It is when we take the main ingredient and add evaporated milk, sugar, cheese, butter, etc… The best Thanksgiving recipes for your health and fit body are going to be when you keep it simple.

Simple Thanksgiving Recipes

What is Thanksgiving without turkey? I actually have a very good friend who amazes me every year that a beautiful smoked or roasted turkey is not on her menu. Gasp! I think one year she had duck! Duck for Thanksgiving? I am certain it was fabulous since she is very good in the kitchen but duck? I did tease her about that since she is from Louisiana like me. My simple Thanksgiving recipes are all centered around the turkey! It is one of the healthiest protein sources that you can eat and is virtually fat free. Stay away from the new fried turkey rage and stick to a simple roasted turkey or smoked turkey.

Sweet Potatoes
These yam-like yummies should always be included in your Thanksgiving dinner recipes. They are rich in fiber, considered a complex carb (the good kind) and contain several great vitamins and minerals to fuel your body. I have seen this prepared in many high fat ways but here is a suggestion as part of your simple Thanksgiving recipes planning. Peel and cut into chunks and simply roast. Before roasting, toss in olive oil and salt and pepper. If you like them a bit sweeter, add a tbsp of brown sugar to sweeten. That will be all you need. They are not named “sweet” potatoes for no reason.

Green Beans
Rich in fiber and other nutrients, we eat these at least 3-4 times a week. Again I have seen these prepared in very high fat ways like in sauces or sautéed in bacon. Why? I usually buy fresh green beans; parboil them, and then sauté in olive oil with salt sea salt, pepper and garlic.

The Gravy, Rolls and Cranberry Sauce
Simple Thanksgiving recipes that are healthy does not mean you have to go without these harvest day meal staples but consider this. Use turkey broth and thickener to make your gravy. You can add salt and pepper for flavor along with some poultry seasoning. Eat bread today! But make it a whole grain wheat roll. Skip the butter. Moving on to the Cranberries, these are rich in phytonutrients that help to prevent disease and has been used for years in UTI prevention and treatment. Try making your on instead of the store bought which has added sugar. Add this sauce into your simple Thanksgiving recipes plan by boiling fresh cranberries until they burst, lower heat and add in orange zest and stevia instead of sugar. Simmer for about 15 minutes.

Dessert and Coffee
To some this is the most important part of the meal. This is usually the full as a tick phase that you are so stuffed and have consumed so much fat and calorie dense food that the thought of eating another bite almost makes you kindly pass on the desert but, miraculously, you have found extra tummy space. Not today! Because of your simple Thanksgiving recipes meals, you have eaten clean and healthy and watched your portion and have plenty of room. So let’s not blow it now. It’s the home stretch! Pick any of your favorite deserts and google a sugar free version. No excuse. I guarantee there are hundreds out there. Have your coffee also. But use unsweetened almond milk and stevia. .

There you have it! Now you will wake up on Friday feeling great and not regretful. I also mentioned modifying your workout. You will undoubtedly have friend, family and work parties during the holidays that may or may not have “fit bodyfriendly foods. So all those extra carbs you may consume need to be used up and not stored as fat. These extra carbs are stored first as excess glycogen. Glycogen is necessary in the right amounts but too much is not. We want to deplete the excess quickly and one way is by doing high reps combined with high number of sets. Shorten your rest time in between sets which gets your heart rate up as well and try doing total upper body one day and total lower the next. Alternate this all week.

Hope this helps and Happy Eating…clean eating that is!