BeYOUtifully YOU!

I say this because too many women focus on comparing themselves and competing to be like others especially what’s in the media and magazines and we all know that’s not reality. You are uniquely you with your own fabulous style, personality and shape. I have found for me 3 markers that have ensured my success and they are important for you to know and implement as well.

Crystal Tingle Fitness Model

Learning to love the journey of becoming a better fit you is a major indicator of whether you will succeed or not.  A fit body does not happen over night. You have to be patient and more importantly consistent. Life happens…setbacks will occur. Know that, accept it and press on!

   Learning to make health and wellness your ultimate goal over weight loss. I could take some well known diet pills or follow other advertised “lose 10 lbs. in 1 week” plans where I am basically starving my body but at what expense.  My health is more important in the long run and I am in it for just that!

   Realizing that a healthy body is only one part of it…a healthy mind and a healthy spirit cannot be disregarded.  Keep yourself in check. It is about balance!

I mentioned tools didn’t I?


Here is what’s COMING SOON!

✔  7 -Day Fit Start Meal Plan for Women
Too often women think they are eating healthy when in all actuality

they are not. Fat loss is about eating proper macronutrients AND

nutrient timing. This 7-Day jumpstart will help regulate your body and get it ready for lifestyle eating to achieve the best you yet!

✔  Healthy Simple Recipes Vol. I
I am not a chef. I need quick easy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas that I can rotate through for healthy Fit body eating. This eguide even includes a few high protein sweet treats!

✔  Fit Tracker Software
If you are serious about fat loss and achieving your best body, it is important to track and journal your workouts as well as what you put in your body. I have provided you with an already set up database of the “best choice” foods and an easy way to track your food to ensure you are within your macronutrients.

✔  30-Day Workout Plan for Women
Do what really reshapes your body…lift weights. Don’t worry about the myth that you will bulk up because you won’t. You do not have the testosterone that men do. Cardio will NEVER give you the fit body you are looking for…trust me…I know.  This download will provide you with a month of workouts, isolating each major muscle group to get you in the best shape of your life!

✔  Booty Blaster Workout
Especially as we age, it is important to do strategic exercises to lift that booty. Learn the best exercises to do just that for beach-body booty!

✔  HIIT it Hard
I am not a believer in hours of cardio but a few short minutes of High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is another story, a fat burning story that is. Filled with everything from 5 minutes to 20 minutes of fat blasting plans to follow.

✔  30-Day Fit Spirit Devotional
I have learned that I can work out all day long 6 days a week but if I don’t have a healthy mindset and a healthy spirit than I have missed the mark. Setting time aside to meditate on thoughts that cultivate peace and positive thinking and feed the soul is paramount to optimal health.

See I told you! Such great tools coming soon…and this is only the beginning!

…Helping each woman to be BeYOUtiful!