About Me

Welcome to Healthy Simple Recipes

I love what I do! I am a mother to 3 incredible boys! I am also a Personal Trainer, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Fitness Model, Author, Spokesperson,  Extreme Race Enthusiast, Business Woman and Wife. Did I mention that I am also 45 years old and in the best shape of my life, even going back to my twenties! And if you have landed on this page then you are looking for a change and want to know the secret to being a better version of you too!

I have always been extremely active! However, when I turned 40, I was done with working so hard in the gym and seeing little or no results. This epiphany came after my first ½ marathon. I had run many 5 and 10K’s but training for the half required dedication and commitment of which I was convinced that I would be in great shape after the race, right? Think again. The twenty extra lbs of flab and cellulite were still there. Like a lot of women, I carried my weight in my lower body.

My energy and focus was on the “skinny fat” plan which consisted of lots of cardio like  running, calorie counting and basically living constantly hungry or spiraling into a binging frenzy and then beat myself over the splurge. Something had to change! I went back to the drawing board and began looking for answers. What I found was that all of the female body types that I wanted to look like were female figure competitors. Yep. That’s what I said! This is not the same category as bodybuilding. Really it’s the athlete in general.

Welcome to Healthy Simple Recipes

These women were toned and strong but feminine and healthy looking. As I dug deeper, I discovered that they eat! A lot! But they eat clean and simple. However, this plan, this lifestyle change had to work for not only me but my family as well. It had to be simple, healthy and work for our busy lives and it does! Now granted, my husband has no desire to look like a female figure competitor but he does desire to be healthy and live out a long, strong life.

We want that for our boys as well. Healthy Simple Recipes is about a lifestyle…a  lifestyle of living healthy and strong! I  have never been more fit and physically healthy in my life! I feel great, love the way my clothes fit and I am here to tell you how you can do it also!

Every women wants to look and feel beautiful regardless of age. We all want to look great in our jeans, tank tops or sleeveless shirts and especially our swimsuits! It is a part of us!  I have always been active but I have always been a binger and bad eater. I am from Louisiana. We are known for our rich food. But I have learned the secret to being not only healthy but fit at any age.  And I would love to help you bring about that change for you and for your family! It didn’t happen just by changing my diet nor did it happen just by a fitness program. It was a combination of the two.

Best of all, Healthy Simple Recipes will work for your entire family. But the change for your family begins with you! Begin living life strong and simply, simply healthy!