Personal Fitness Training Plans at The Studio Fitness by Crystal

Crystal Tingle With Dumbbell
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If you read the About Me page, then you know I have tried just about all the fitness training plans and diet plans out there. I have done the at home fitness plans, the cardio fitness plans and more.

None of them gave me the fit body that I desperately wanted. A lack of time, motivation and determination was not my problem. Getting the right formula that worked for the long term was. Stop searching for a fitness plan online and let me teach you what I have learned.

Consult with me and you will learn the key components to:

  • Getting the weight off and keeping it off.
  • Having the best and sexiest version of you through food and fitness.
  • Keeping your “Lifestyle” eating plan in place even while traveling.
  • Keeping this plan in place during the busiest of weeks.
  • Training while traveling.
  • Getting your family on board!

On top of all that, as I put together fitness training plans for you, the gym and weights will no longer be a scary and intimidating “manly” thing. Feel confident and empowered as you begin to tone and build that beautiful lean muscle. Walk in the gym with confidence as youmaster dumbbell fitness workout plans and physio ball workout routines. Learn the machines and master the squat rack. It’s so much fun! It’s even more fun andempowering when you see your body transform like you never thought imaginable.

I know this because despite any fitness training plans I tried, I had always struggled with my lower body, So much so that I developed an eating disorder in my twenties because I felt it was the only way to be a size 4. By the grace of God, I corrected my destructive behavior and resolved that I would always be an 8 or bigger due to the shape of my body. When I dieted by extreme calorie reduction, I lost in an already lean upper and not in my lower body.

Fitness Training Plans

That was simply not true. What I discovered was life changing and body transforming! When I changed my life long bad eating habits and implemented a weight training program, my entire shape changed in less than 3 months. I will teach you the same. My fitness training plans work! I am a healthy, fit size 2 now, a size that I resolved I could never be.

Contact Meand let’s start building a fitness plan for you. Fitness training plans are different for everyone but the basic principles are the same; you must begin building lean muscle. It will be a plan that works for your lifestyle and your schedule. Do you enjoy training in the privacy of your own home? Do you prefer a gym? Maybe you want the best of both worlds. As busy wives, mothers, or business women you need to have a flexible plan that ebbs and flows with your life. Let’s chat about fitness training plans that work for you!

If you are not local, no problem! I have helped many people with a personal consultation by phone or skype. Let’s schedule an appointment.

Photo Credit to Michael James