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Health and Fitness Testimonials

It’s all about you and hearing about your health and fitness testimonials. I love each and every one I read! We all have crazy schedules and not much time for ourselves. But while we think that is the “motherly” thing to do, it leaves one gaping hole. You aren’t at your best to give your best. The way you feel about your body being out of shape from neglect and your mind not being sharp due to a lack of nutrition spills over into so many other areas. Discover you again! These ladies are doing it. Start today, becoming the best version of you!

“For two months I worked out with the machines at the gym but basically went around doing the same thing 5 days a week. I was not losing weight or dress sizes. I asked Crystal to send me a new workout plan as well as a diet plan. For the last 6-7 weeks I have since lost 5 lbs. and 1-2 dress sizes. I can now see results along with everyone else who says I have lost so much weight. I have to admit I have not stuck to the diet plan religiously but it does make me more conscious of what I am putting into my body and am eating healthier.” – Marie S.

“After my conversation with Crystal, it was like a light bulb went off. Why had I made things so complicated when it’s so simple? The advice was priceless and something that I could put into my day to day routine of work and family.”– Lynn M.

“I started my “new weigh” of life decision after realizing that all of my clothes were tight and I needed to make a lifestyle change. I’ve always been in and out of the gym but never had direction and never changed my eating habits.

I can say after just 3 weeks of Crystal giving me a weekly exercise regimen and eating healthier, I’ve lost 9 lbs and my clothes are fitting! I feel great and all I needed was the guidance and direction of amazing Personal Trainer who empowered me with the right tools to get it done!” – Dana C.

The Studio Fitness is my private training studio in Miramar Beach, Fl. I offer a very unique style of training. Here is what one of my clients has to say:

“One reason I let myself go was that I hate big gyms. Even if I knew what to do with the machines, it was always a battle to use it with so many people. Training with Crystal has been amazing. She is talking to me the whole time about the dos and don’ts of my eating habits while taking me through a very challenging workout. I thought I would get bored with weight training as opposed to group classes which I had resorted to but she keeps changing it up. I am already feeling stronger and toner. Thanks!” – Ashley M.

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